Religion & Leadership

religion & leadershipAncient Wisdom for a Modern World?

Religion is often a taboo. Yet, leaders need to put religion back on the agenda – to take it seriously, to be aware of its pitfalls and opportunities, to be inclusive, and to capture religion as a force for good.

The new study on religion & leadership can be downloaded here. Blogposts about the study are here and here. An article and radio feature (in German) here. Here is a link to an executive education course that builds on study insights.

Pitfalls & opportunities

Religion is a double-edged sword. In the study, I identify four pitfalls and four opportunities for leaders:pitfalls & opportunitiesHow should leaders engage with religion?

The study suggests five ways forward:

  1. Take religion seriously
  2. Harness the power of religion, be wary of its downsides
  3. If religious, find personal and social balance
  4. Put religion on the diversity agenda
  5. Offer room for faith

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